Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Chapter 44

*Sophie Koh*
“I warned you, remember? I told you that you would curse me to the depths of hell when the time came for you to use it.”
“No, Dean,” I plead,” I already lost Saket -- I can’t lose you, too--”
“It’s the only way,” Dean says. “Everyone will die because of your selfish refusal to kill me, Sophie... is that what you want?”
“No,” I whisper. “But not this.”
“I’m already dying,” he insists. “Make my death count.”
Against my will, my fingers tighten around the shard and my arm slowly poises to strike.
“Diamonds can’t shine in the dark. Walk in the light, Sophie.”
They are the last words he ever speaks.
Our eyes meet, and I plunge the shard of glass into his heart.

*Ramya Joshi*
Just as Suchet draws back his fist to strike, he doubles over. Coughing and retching... smoke?
I scramble back, horrified. “What’s going on, Suchet?”
“Some... some kind of curse,” he groans. “Help me -- it hurts so bad...”
I shake my head. “You deserve this, you coward.”
“I -- I know,” he says between gasps for air. “This is my punishment -- for what I did to you, and the people I loved--”
“You didn’t love anyone but yourself,” I say.
His hands stretch towards me, grasping at my sleeves. "Ramya, please, forgive me."
I turn away, sickened.
The flames creep up his neck and arms, and ash precipitates from his mouth. "Ramya," he coughs.
Finally, unable to take it anymore, I face him. And in his eyes, for the first time, I see emotion.
Pain, sorrow, and -- regret.
“I didn’t want to be your enemy,” he pleads.
“You’re not an enemy. To me, you’re nothing.”
"I'm sorry, Ramya," Suchet whispers.
I feel nothing.

*Sophie Koh*
White-hot fire spreads from the point where the glass pierced Dean’s skin, engulfing his entire body. But his eyes don’t leave mine, not until the flames consume and reduce him to ash.

Then, just as quickly as it started, the fire dies down, and Dean is gone.
The last person I loved in the whole world is dead.
I am alone.